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I'm Getting There

by The Realist G, posted 03/03/12 08:33:54

Wait let The Realist G sign in lol. Well yet again done with another song, evan tho it haven't been recorded in a studio and and and, its there and as soon as I find a good quality studio that I can feel gona do the final take, editing, producing and recording. Like I said before everything takes time so be patient but I'm getting there. As for now in the meantime in between time I need ya'll as my fans to support me as much as possible cuz without ya'll non is possible. So please go listen to the songs Like and Share as many times as possible, cuz i need the plays and fans, no homo, just straight up. Well yeah thanks for each and every one of ya'll support and keep it going. Just believe in me and to ya haters I see ya'll keep on hating no matter what I'm still getting there!!!


by The Realist G, posted 03/03/12 08:33:09

Sitting in The Studio listening too some old beats, thinking bout 2011...damn if ya'll been fucking with me. Put your seat belts on and hold on tight. Thanks if ya'll been fucking with but this is gona be a wild ride 2012... If you think I went hard then watch this space and keep on watching cuz this year is a one of all and one of a kind, Homie East Side is how we Riding. Get That Money coming soon and working hard on this Mixtape, give it time and wait me bust, don't want this **** too be ruin!!! Thank you all The Fans I appreciate them, without you I ain't **** just watch how far I'm gona make it... 2012

Studio Time

by The Realist G, posted 03/03/12 08:32:25

So many songs to do, so little time. Ain't anything beta than studio time. Currently workin' on 6 new songs, and loving em' dope beats I got. They say da more you put in da more you'll get out. Well I'm doin' it. So fucken excited bout da next 5 songs with da fucken awesome beats, and if there would be some people not feeling da beats ya'll would need to go back to Rap School 101

Till next blog I'm out on ma way to da studio where I work em' hours past... Shits past noon!!!

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