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New breed
 MrLiqz, posted 05/11/11 19:26:36   » Must hear. comments 0
So az i register 2 more n more of theez muzik sitez..i hear critisizim and the typical "wutever white boy" **** i hear all the tyme lol..But then i go back on the sitez a day or 2 later,and thoze same loud mouthz..iz e-mailin 2 ask about collabez n ****,so i say 2 u...Listen thru the trackz listz u come acrozz,and i guaruntee therez at least 3 trackz u bang daily. I aint ya typical **** face young boy who thinkn he a G and a rapper...i bin in thiz game since 9,developing and harnessing the demon inside that makez my tongue split and the blood run cold in evry vein i have that still workz. And im already dammed so instead ill say i aint lettin knowbody stop me frum gettin az far az i can in thiz game witout makin a fuckin hole in the armor that seemz 2 surround tha tightly knit rap communityz i've come across till thiz day. I AINT leavin,i will only grow..bcuz nomatter how bright sumbody triez 2 outshine will only cause my shadow 2 get stronger. Remember 2 burn wizely alwayz.

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